VIKINGS - Blood Landscape - Poster '61x91.5cm'

VIKINGS - Blood Landscape - Poster '61x91.5cm'

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Poster under official license. Dimensions 61x91.5cm. 

The exploits of a group of Vikings led by Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most popular Vikings of his time and with a semi-legendary destiny, are narrated by the series. Ragnar is said to be of Norwegian and Swedish origin, according to sources. He is supposed to have unified the Viking clans into a kingdom with undetermined borders at the end of the seventh century (King Ecbert mentions having lived at the court of King Charlemagne, crowned emperor in the year 800), but he is especially known for having been the promoter of the very first Viking raids in Christian, Saxon, Frankish or Celtic lands.  A simple farmer, a liege of Jarl Haraldson, he rebelled against the strategic choices of his suzerain. Instead of attacking the Slavic and Baltic pagans of the Baltic, he decides to attack the rich lands of the West, where monasteries abound with treasures just waiting to be plundered by ambitious warriors.  Clandestine, Ragnar will mount his own expedition and his success will change the fate of the Vikings as well as that of the southern Christian kingdoms, which the simple name "Vikings" will terrorize for more than two centuries.

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